Product Overview

  • NST Series Small Inline Connector
  • ■ Specifications

    Pin Count

    6, 10



    Current Rating


    Voltage Rating


    Operating Temparature


    Wire Size





■ Overview

NST Series is a small outline Inline connector for small spaces, taking into consideration limited space for wire forming issues inside equipment.

Ideal application for Factory Automation/Industrial equipment and Collaborative robots, that are becoming smaller and lighter. Any equipment with limited space requirements.



1. Compact

a) The total mated length is one of the smallest in the industry
b) Slim smooth shape will improve the workability and flexability for wire handling inside equipment


2. Prevents mismating

a) 2 types of keys are avilable to prevent mismating


3. Prevention of locking latch breakage

a) Plastic wall is provided on both sides of the locking latch to prevent the latch from breaking



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