Functions for HTK Membership

  • 1.Function of My Page


    By registering, you’ll be able to use the My Page functions,

    and more material will be available for downloading. 


    ◆Member's Special

    1.Favorites Function 

    2.Features to view download history

    3.Access to members-only materials

  • 2.All documents are available for download


    By becoming a member, you will be able to download all the materials in this website

    and comfortably view and obtain data on our products.

    Registration fees and annual membership fees are all free.
    Please feel free to register. 


    *Member registration may be invalidated if users fail to meet member requirements.
    Furthermore, customers who have successfully completed the member registration procedure may be sent information on HTK products and events.

    Please refer to “Membership Terms and Conditions” and “Privacy Policy" of Personal Information” for details.

  • 3.All input forms can be omitted


    By registering as a member, you can omit entering your personal information on all input forms.
    *This function is available only when you are logged in.