Introduction to HTK’s Original Services

With a history of manufacturing connectors stretching back over 90 years,
only HTK can offer the kind of services for finding solutions to customers’ problems.

HTK works closely with our customers to develop products and deliver services that meet their requirements

by leveraging its power to deliver proposals with extensive design capabilities

and knowledge cultivated through business over more than 90 years.



    HTK not only sells connectors, but also provides harness products,

    which are assemblies of cables and connectors.

    HTK can help lighten customers’ loads in terms of machining workload, inventory risk,

    and preparation of jigs and tools.

    Please submit an inquiry to discuss purchasing.





    Many of HTK’s customers handle equipment and devices with long life expectancy.

    There are therefore many customers who face issues when electronic components are discontinued.

    In response to these issues,

    HTK is always on hand to provide component supply plans to meet our customers’ procurement needs.



    HTK offers customization plans suited to the unique needs of our customers

    based on our accumulated know-how.
    If experiencing issues such as being unable to find parts

    for your equipment, please do not hesitate to consult us.