Product Overview

  • AXA Series SD Memory Card Sockets
  • ■ Specifications

    Compatible Standard


    Mounting Method


    Current Rating


    Insulation resistance

    1,000MΩ at500V D.C.

    Dielectric Withstanding Voltage

    500V A.C.(r.m.s.) for a minute

    Contact Resistance


    Operating Temparature



■ Overview

These SD memory card sockets are used in various markets and applications from consumer products to industrial equipment.
HTK offers two types of products compatible with UHS-I and UHS-II standards for even faster transfer speeds.
Standard and reverse type sockets are available, each of which offers unmatched robustness

and reliability with the use of HTK’s unique double-sided metal shell construction.



1. Improved EMI countermeasures and heat dissipation

Noise is reduced with EMI countermeasures using a double-sided metal shell construction.
Heat dissipation also improves, allowing product degradation to be suppressed (card internal temperature: 8°C reduction over previous products).


2. Robustness

The metal shell is weld bonded at nine locations for greater strength.
This product offers ten times the bonding strength and twice the twisting strength compared with standard SD memory card sockets, and has outstanding robustness.


3. Stable mounting

Employing a double-sided metal shell construction and weld bonding makes this product highly resistant to warps and distortion both during and after mounting, and this allows flatness to stabilize quickly.



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