Product Overview

  • MR Series Multicore Square Connectors


    ■ Specifications

    Pin Count




    Current Rating


    Insulation resistance

    1000MΩ at500V D.C.

    Dielectric Withstanding Voltage

    1000V A.C.(r.m.s.) for a minute

    Contact Resistance


    Operating Temparature


■ Overview

HTK’s MR Series products are square connectors that have been sold for more than 50 years. Our MR Series connectors are used in FA equipment and various types of equipment, and are deployed in many variations. We produce inline connectors for boards, cables, and panels, and offer products with pin count ranging from 8 to 96.



1. Shock resistance with double mechanism involving screws and spring locks


2. Wide variation


3. Highly-reliable, long-selling product of more than 50 years with outstanding track record


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