Product Overview

  • LGC Series Optical Connectors
  • ■ Overview

    HTK offers electrical connectors used to connect electrical signals, and optical connectors for optical communication. Optical connectors are key components of optical systems, and are indispensable for connection between optic fibers, and between optic fibers and each device. HTK offers a wide variety of SC and LC optical connectors.

  • Type SC Optical Connectors

    These connectors comply with Type SC optical connectors standard in JIS C 5973. They are mainly used in long optical transmission lines, FTTH, and LAN, and are also available with adapter plugs with shutter in consideration of safety. Metal shutters are used, allowing even high-power laser light to be reliably blocked.

  • Type LC Optical Connectors

    Type LC optical connectors have the same lock structure as the modular connectors (RJ45) used for LAN, allowing smooth locking and release.
    And similar to Type SC, there is also an adapter with a shutter (single-core, twin-core type) available for blocking high-power laser light in consideration of safety.


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