Product Overview

  • TAK Series Compact High-Speed Transmission Connectors
  • ■ Specifications

    Pin Count




    Current Rating


    Mounting Method

    1,000MΩ at500V D.C.

    Dielectric Withstanding Voltage

    500V A.C.(r.m.s.) for a minute

    Contact Resistance


    Operating Temparature



■ Overview

These compact, high-speed transmission connectors are equipped with a function which prevents wrong insertion and half-insertion.

Improving noise immunity with fully-enclosed shield construction has realized the high-speed transmission of signals for such as USB and LVDS,

and the power supply needs of mobile devices and so on can also be met with 2.5 A transmission despite the product’s compact size.



1. Wrong insertion prevention construction

The plastic shape is changed for each product color to prevent wrong insertion (key shape: max. seven types).

This has eliminated the need for labels to distinguish between connectors of different types and between partner connectors, contributing to space saving and reduced workload.


2. With lock mechanism

The lock makes a clicking sound a little louder than normal conversation and gives click feeling when connectors are being connected.

This allows the prevention of half-insertion not only by visual check but also by physical touch and sound.


3. EMI countermeasures with fully-enclosed shield construction

The impact of internally and externally produced noise is reduced with a fully-enclosed shield construction.


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