Website Renewal Details


Thank you for visiting the HONDA TSUSHIN KOGYO CO., LTD. website.

The following changes have been made to our completely renewed Product Site.

  • Renewal Point 1



    A function allowing users to carry out searches from various viewpoints has been added to make it easier to find the desired products.

    The following four search methods are available.       

    1. Search by Product/Application

    2. Search by product type

    3. Filter Search

    4. Search by product series




  • Renewal Point 2


    A new member function with the following benefits is now available.

    ◆ Benefits for members

    1. Favorites function

    2. Material download history check function

    3. Disclosure of product material for members only

    4. Form entry omission

    Click here to register as a member

  • Renewal Point 3
  • A News Release and Topics page have been added, giving users access to the latest information.

    ◆ News Release

    Information on trade shows and information on new products are uploaded to this page.

    ◆ Topics page

    Information that could not be fully introduced on the News Release page is described here in more detail, and other technical information is provided.