Introduction to MOD Series

  • “HTK Modular Connectors That are Just a Little Different”

    HTK’s MOD Series of modular connectors cater

    to a wide range of customer requirements,

    and boasts a lineup consisting of a wide range of parts

    with features such an anti-static type, slim type, and type with screw lock.


    Introducing “modular connectors that are just a little different” that have been

    enhanced with unique HTK specifications.


  • Anti-static Modular Connectors to Prevent Malfunction Due to Noise

    Control devices such as PLCs, and devices

    which operate with minute amounts of current and voltage are often affected

    by static electricity (electromagnetic noise) when touched.

    This product has a construction which employs an insulator

    between the shieldand terminals to further discharge static electricity

    to the ground through the shield.

    This construction protects equipment

    from up to 10 kV of static electricity (electromagnetic noise).

 Protection from static electricity (electromagnetic noise), the cause of equipment malfunction

  • Slim Type Modular Connectors Contributing to Board Space Saving

    This slim type modular connectors is only marginally wider than,

    and is 12 mm shorter in the depth dimension than HTK’s previous product.

    This has allowed an approximately 55% reduction in size relative to the board installation area.

    Significantly reducing the mounting space (slimming down parts) allows

    boards to be designed with a greater degree of freedom.

  • Modular Connectors with Screw Lock to Prevent Cable Disconnection

    This product employs a unique screw lock mechanism to prevent standard cables

    coming out when lock claws break.

    This is the ideal product to prevent cables coming out for industrial devices

    such as sensors and industrial digital cameras.


    Furthermore, these connectors have cleared MIL-STD-202F-201A condition A for vibration resistance,

    and testing equivalent to CAT5e for transmission characteristics.

    * Test conditions are based on HTK criteria.

  • Modular Connectors with Lead Wires for Improved Equipment Design Freedom

    The need for modular connectors relayed through panels has been increasing in recent years due to demands for miniaturization and various restrictions.


    For example, in response to issues such as
    it is not possible to install boards and panels in close proximity to one another, and
    there is insufficient modular connectors installation space at the edges of boards, 
    a greater degree of equipment design freedom has been realized by using this product.

Application example