Introduction to HDR Series

Connectors combining compact size

and sturdiness to create 48.2%

more space by changing from half pitch

A space saving of 48.2% can be realized by changing

from HTK’s PCR 50-pin half-pitch connectors to our HDR 50-pin connectors.


This creates the perfect space for HTK’s HDR 14-pin connectors,

offering an ideal solution for users wishing to provide equipment with additional functions,

or those wishing to reduce equipment size.




  • How Was HTK Able to Reduce Size While Maintaining Quality?
  • To make the HDR Series of connectors more compact,

    0.8 mm pitch terminals were arranged in 4 rows,

    and the thickness of the plastic part was slimmed down to half that of half-pitch parts.

    However, by reducing the connectors size and slimming down the plastic part,

    it was necessary to cover the area around the plastic part

    with a metal shell in order to maintain quality.

    Moreover, quality has been improved by making the accuracy

    criteria for the plastic parts two thirds that of the previous product,

    and managing the criteria more strictly.

    Strict accuracy management has been realized with the use of precision metal,

    and by carrying out appropriate maintenance.

  • Why is Sturdiness Necessary?

    Industrial equipment tends to be used continuously for 10 years or longer,

    and therefore connectors with extremely high contact frequency must be very sturdy.

    To achieve this, HTK took the following three steps to increase strength.


    1. Connecting part shell reinforcement

    2. Mitigation of prize-open impact by using lock screws on left and right

    3. Impact absorption using grounding fixture in contact with board


    This series of mechanisms helps ensure that customers are able to

    use their equipment for 10 years or longer.

  • Why Do Connectors Not Come Unlocked Easily?

    The HDR Series of connectors can be easily attached and detached,

    and are equipped with a powerful locking mechanism

    which delivers an actual hold strength of 185 N. 185 N is the approximate

    amount of strength at which connectors would not come off even

    if a weight equivalent to nine 2 liter PET bottles were applied.

    This hold strength means that it is possible to prevent “accidental disconnection”

    due to cable entanglement or catching.

    Furthermore, the shape of the lock screws on the board are round,

    and the lock springs on the case are flexible.

    These steps hold the key to creating a powerful locking mechanism

    that ensures connectors do not come off easily.

  • Demands for “Automatic Mounting with Robots” Have Been Realized

    HTK has received requests from customers

    using HDR connectors DIP parts to be “able to mount parts automatically

    without changing connectors”.

    Switching to a simple automatic mounting system means

    that subtle terminal misalignments

    that are difficult to see with the naked eye lead to insertion issues.

    This makes automatic mounting difficult,

    and results in a drop in mounting success rate of as much as 20%.


    A specialist in customization, HTK has succeeded in suppressing variations

    in terminal ends, a process known for its difficulty,

    and has further controlled accuracy to half of the level

    previously achieved to meet stricter criteria.

    Achieving this has helped us meet customer demands for automatic mounting.

  • HDR Series Connectors Can be Relied on to Keep Equipment Running for 10 Years or Longer

    HDR Series connectors have been on sale for more than 20 years,

    and are used by many customers in a variety of different fields.


    Known for their characteristic sturdiness,

    these connectors contribute to the long running of equipment for 10 years or longer,

    and are capable of meeting the base needs of customers

    who “are unable to easily change interfaces”.