Introduction to TAT Series

TAT Series is a compact Inline connectors with the industry's best Waterproof performance.

TAT Series is a waterproof inline type connectors of the TAK series.

Achieves IPX9K (Waterproof performance that can withstand high pressure cleaning)


【IPX9K test video by TAT】

Overview of IPX9K test

It is a test in which intense water flow is injected from 4 angles of 0, 30, 60 and 90 degrees for 2 minutes in total with a high-pressure washer.

The test was conducted by Oki Engineering Co., Ltd.


  • Smallest in the industry
  • The plug connectors havings a small outside diameter of 11.2 mm, allows the TAT assembly to fit easily through any opening with an inside diameter of 12 mm.

    Also, the compactness is better suited for  flexibility/forming of Cable Harness. 

  • Lock function
  • One-touch lock by resin spring is possible and can be engaged in a shorter time than coupling lock.

    In addition, to prevent unintended disengagement, Unlocking part is installed below the periphery.