Product Overview

  • HDRP Series 0.8 mm Pitch Interface Connectors with Increased Current Capacity
  • ■Specifications

    Pin Count

    14 / 26 / 50

    Current Rating(A/pin)※1

    1.5 / 1.2 / 1.0



    Voltage Rating


    Operating Temparature


    Wire Gauge AWG


    ※1 All pins are energized


■ Overview

HDRP Series is a current capacity upgrade Contact for the  HDR connectors that is suitable for Power supply applications.

While staying with the same product Size and Shape, the Increased  Current rating can be used for Power supply applications/devices,

allowing it to meet a wider range of customer needs up to 3 times*2 more than the standard HDR product.
*2 0.5 A → 1.5 A /pin (All pins are energized)



1. Current capacity increase

a) Current capacity is increased by changing the Contact Material
b) Current capacity is equivalent to HTKs PCR Series 1.27 mm pitch I/O products


2. Identified by the color

a) Prevents mis-mating/insertion by the color with conventional HDR products

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