0.8mm Interface Connectors, Higher Current version HDRP series

Increasing the current capacity from 0.5A to between 1.0A- 1.5A

    • Our newly developed “HDRP Series” is a range of Shielded I/O connectors designed with increased current capacity, while maintaining the compact size and robustness of the Micro D-HDR Series. 

    • This High Current HDR product is applicable to be used in a wide range of applications that requires control signals in addition to a higher-power driving power supply, such as connection to control devices or devices with compact displays. 

    • HTK is offering a broader higher current Micro-D / HDR product lineup to meet customers increasing power needs by increasing the current capacity per contact pin. 



Realizes the same HDR compact size and robustness

Typically, the smaller the connectors pitch, the lower the current capacity of the connectors. 
This HDRP product has been developed to meet a wider range of power needs by increasing the current capacity per contact, while retaining the HDR connectors 0.8mm pitch

The HDRP design reduces the temperature rise per pin as it maintains the Micro-D/ HDR small outline size and shape of the conventional HDR products.

Designed to suppress the higher current temperature rise per pin, HDRP inherits not only the 0.8mm pitch size but also it's low profile, compact size and robust locking mechanism of previous HDR products.

Designed to incorrect insertion prevention

The insulator color has been changed to Orange color in order to see the different from the conventional type easily.

It helps to prevent incorrect connectors engagement when used in combination with conventional products.


  • The HDRP Series will only be available with 26 circuits; Other circuit sizes will be released as required per market and customer demands.


■Industrial Device

・Industrial Controller

・Teaching pendant

■Compact Displays

・Programmable Display


・Point of Sale systems



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