Introduction to TAK Series

Wrong Insertion Prevented with up to 7 Key Variations

The compact, high-speed transmission TAK Series connectors are equipped

with a function to prevent wrong insertion or half-insertion for peace of mind,

and achieve high-speed transmission with a fully-enclosed shield construction.


Developed as in-vehicle connectors, the TAK Series has been used for in-vehicle applications for many years,

and continues to offer peace of mind and reliability.

  • Contributing to Space Saving and Reduced Workload with Wrong Insertion Prevention Function
  • The TAK Series is ideal for those customers

    wishing to “use two or more connectors

    with the same number of pins in the same equipment”.

    The shape of the interlocking surface on each colored connectors is different,

    making it impossible to combine connectors of different colors

    (e.g., blue plug and brown receptacle).

    And with the wrong insertion prevention function,

    there is no need to install multiple connectors with different number of pins.

    This not only eliminates the need to take up unnecessary width,

    but also contributes to space saving.

  • High-speed Transmission Realized with Fully-enclosed Shield Construction

    2. The faster the equipment operating speed,

    3. the greater the noise generated.

    4. Noise countermeasures are also required for connectors

    5. in consideration of peripheral equipment.

    6. The TAK Series employs a fully-enclosed shield construction

    7. using a metal shell to improve noise immunity.

    8. This has ensured a compact size, and offers compatibility

    9. with USB 2.0 and LVDS high-speed transmission standards.


  • Uncompromising Attention to Locking Feel and Sound
    • TAK Series connectors employ a molded lock mechanism,

    • and have a click feel, and emit a “click” locking sound

    • when connected that can be heard over conversation.

    • Visually seeing the connection, feeling the connection,

    • and hearing the “click” sound allows half-insertion to be prevented.

    • TAK Series connectors employ a one-touch type lock,

    • and require 70 N or greater* strength to be applied to connect and disconnect them.

    • Unlike LAN and USB, there are no concerns over accidental disconnection.

    • * This may vary depending on the cable specification.


  • 10 Year Sales Track Record for In-vehicle Applications - In-vehicle Quality with Peace of Mind

    For example, when used for standard in-vehicle devices,

    there must be no deterioration in quality

    in the -40°C to +105°C temperature range.

    TAK Series connectors satisfy strict conditions demanded

    by in-vehicle applications,and have been used in many vehicles for 10 years.

    More and more customers are choosing HTK’s TAK Series connectors

    for their quality and reliability.